Family & Corrections Network

Serving Children and Families of Adult Offenders - A Directory (2004)


Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers, Inc.

Telephone: 404-755-3262
Address: 906 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30310
Web site:
Contacts: Gina Bauer, Business Manager
Sandra Barnhill, Executive Director/CEO
Area Served: Atlanta, Georgia
Established: 1987

Provides gifts for children, group activities, after school programs, mentoring and tutoring services, parent/child group activities, and supervised family visitations. Provides caregiver support, transportation for prison visits, support for communication between prison and home, family reunification support, parent education, pubic information and advocacy, re-entry support, information and referrals.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Heart of GA

Telephone: 478-745-3984
Address: 193 Pierce Avenue
Macon, GA 31204
Web site:
Contact: Dianna Glymph, Executive Director
Area Served: Central Georgia
Established: 2003

Provides mentors for children of prisoners and referrals for families of prisoners to other social services in the area.

HOPE Family Ministries, Inc.

Telephone: 770-474-3154
Address: 107 Flippen Road
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Contact: Marcia Lemon Atkins, Founder Executive Director
Area Served: South Metro Atlanta
Established: 2003

Provides mentoring, tutoring and other activities for children of prisoners. Provides re-entry support and marriage preparation for families.

Intnl. Mentoring & Entrepreneurial Ctr., Inc. (IMEC)

Telephone: 404-847-2169
Address: P.O. Box 723084
Atlanta, GA 31139-0084
Contact: Colleen Reiter, President
Area Served: Atlanta
Established: 1999

Offers Christ-centered re-entry support services, case management; life skills, discipleship, and entrepreneurial mentoring, as well as relationship-building methods, family and community reconciliation and re-integration support, general information, and referrals. 
Serves motivated individuals, especially individuals with sex offenses, traumatic brain injuries, mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, and multiple diagnoses. Individuals learn to rebuild every aspect of their lives based on Biblical principles.

Prisoners Resource Clearinghouse, Inc.

Telephone: 678-418-9856
Address: 2103 N. Decatur Road, Suite 113
Decatur, GA 30033
Web site:
Contact: Regina G. Sherard, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director
Area Served: Metro Atlanta
Parent Organization: Affiliated with the United Way 211 Referral
Established: 1997

Publications: The Annual Review of Criminal Procedure; Prisoner Health Guide.

Provides emergency food, furniture and housing referrals, vocational training referrals, and clothing vouchers. Provides toys, school supplies, and mentoring for children of prisoners and at-risk youth.

Southern Prison Ministry/Open Door Community

Telephone: 404-874-9652
Address: 910 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306-4212
Web site:
Contact: Rev. Murphy Davis, Director SPM
Area Served: Georgia
Parent Organization: Open Door Community
Established: 1977

Provides transportation for visitors of death row prisoners and advocacy against the death penalty.


Hawaii Youth Services Network

Telephone: 808-531-2198
Address: 677 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 911
Honolulu, HI 96813
Web site:
Contact: Judith F. Clark, Executive Director
Area Served: Hawaii
Established: 2003

Provides volunteer mentors to children who have an incarcerated parent on Oahu Maui and Kauai.

Kauai Team Challenge, Inc.

Telephone: 808-651-7619
Address: P.O. Box 1795
Kapa`a, HI 96746
Web site:
Contact: Mason Chock, Director
Area Served: Kauai
Established: 2003

Providing mentoring for children of prisoners using volunteer community support and outdoor experiential activities.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Illinois

Telephone: 618-398-3162
Address: 6400 West Main, Suite 1G
Belleville, IL 62223
Contact: Bill Hatter, Vice President/COO
Barbara Cempura, President/CEO
Area Served: St. Clair, Madison, Clinton, Randolph Counties
Parent Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Established: 1980

Provides children of incarcerated parents with volunteer mentors from faith-based communities and from businesses. Short-term counseling is offered to these children and their families.

Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM)

Telephone: 312-675-0911
Address: 220 South State Street, Suite 830
Chicago, IL 60604-2160
Web site:
Contact: Gail Smith, Executive Director
Area Served: Illinois
Established: 1985

Provides legal aid on family law issues for incarcerated mothers and their children’s caregivers in Illinois and representation on Cook County cases involving child custody. Presents client education programs to help mothers understand the law and make wise decisions about their children’s placement. Advocates for more humane policy by organizing formerly incarcerated women to raise public awareness and to educate policymakers. Formerly incarcerated mothers on staff facilitate a support group for women returning to the community after incarceration. The Jail Project provides law classes on Saturdays for women in the Cook County Jail; the Panel Program provides pro bono representation on family law cases in Cook County courts. Provides public information and advocacy.

Habilitative Systems, Inc.

Telephone: 773-261-2252
Address: 415 S. Kilpatrick Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644
Web site:
Contact: Donald J. Dew, President/CEO
Area Served: North Lawndale
Established: 1979

Provides support groups, group activities and mentoring for children of prisoners. Provides enhanced visiting environment and transportation for prison visits. Provides advocacy, alternatives to incarceration, case management, child support information/assistance, communication between prison and home and community residential programming. Provides counseling, family literacy, family reunification support, information and referral, parent education, public education and advocacy, re-entry support and self-help support groups. Provides training and technical assistance on program design and development.

Prisoner and Family Ministry/Family Connections

Telephone: 847-390-1453
Address: 1001 E. Touhy
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Web site:
Contact: Sr. Pat Davis, Assoc. Executive Director
Jane Otte, Executive Director PFM
Area Served: Illinois
Parent Organization: Lutheran Social Services of IL
Established: 1981
Publications: You're Arrested... What the Family Needs to Know, What the Family Can Do – the Illinois system, free from LSSI office; How (And Why) to Do the Storybook Project, free at

Provides support to children with mothers in prison and their caregivers. Services include transportation for visits, enabling mothers to tape stories that are sent to children, support group for caregivers, re-entry and family reunification support, information and referral.


Indiana Women's Prison - Family Preservation Program

Telephone: 317-639-2671
Address: 401 North Randolph Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201-3099
Contact: Janet Schadee, Family Services Director
Dana Blank, Superintendent
Area Served: Indiana
Established: 1998

Provides parent education, gifts for children, a support group, enhanced visiting environment, transportation to prison visits, case management, child support information, support for communication between prison and home, counseling, family therapy, family reunification support, information, referrals and re-entry support for mothers held in the Indiana Women's Prison, their children and their children's caregivers.

Mentoring Children of Promise

Telephone: 317-472-8507
Address: 4720 Kingsway Drive, Suite 110
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Web site:
Contact: Leslie V. Kelly, Program Director
Knute Rotto, CEO
Area Served: Marion, Parke and Vigo Counties
Parent Organization: Choices Inc.
Established: 2003

Provides mentoring, support for communication with the parent in prison, and group activities for children of prisoners ages 6 to15. Provides information and referral for families.

Use What You've Got Ministry, Inc.

Telephone: 317-924-4124
Address: P.O. Box 1521
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1521
Web site:
Contact: Cecelia Whitfield, Founder and Executive Director
Area Served: Indiana
Established: 1990

Provides transportation to Indiana prisons. Provides spiritual retreats, mentoring of children of prisoners, gifts for children, clothing, essential food items and support networking.


Inmate Assistance LLC

Address: P.O. Box 3865
Urbandale, IA 50323-3865
Web site:
Contact: Kim Yoblonski, Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 2004

Provides prisoners and their families with legal information and policy forums.

New Outlook

Telephone: 515-244-0317
Address: 1516 Evergreen, Bldg. C-3
Des Moines, IA 50320
Contact: Charmayne White, Director
Area Served: Iowa
Established: 2004

Provides support groups, advocacy, public information, religious ministry, support for communication between prison and home, information and referrals.

Parents Anonymous of Iowa, Inc.

Telephone: 515-255-9490
Address: 1228 8th Street, Suite 201
West Des Moines, IA 50265
Web site:
Contact: Dave Dhainin, Programs Manager
Sue Renfrow, Executive Director
Area Served: Iowa
Established: 1999

Provides parent education groups and enhanced visiting environments for children at several Iowa prisons.


Gracious Promise Foundation

Telephone: 913-342-1707
Address: 1021 Pacific Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
Web site:
Contact: Shirley A. Miller, Executive Director
Area Served: Kansas City
Established: 1995

Provides case management, food pantry and clothing rooms, youth activities, counseling, community service opportunities, mentoring, support group and employment assistance. Provides a home for babies born to moms in prison, gifts for children, family reunification support, parent education, religious ministry, information and referrals.

Topeka Correctional Facility

Telephone: 785-296-7220
Address: 815 SE Rice Road
Topeka, KS 66607
Web site:
Contact: Keven Pellant, Deputy Warden of Programs
Richard Koerner, TCF Warden
Area Served: Kansas
Established: 1986

Provides gifts for children, group activities, mentoring, a children's center in the visiting area, special full-day mother-child visits, transportation and overnight lodging for prison visitors. Provides mother-infant bonding support for mothers who deliver their babies while incarcerated. Provides case management, child support information and assistance, support for communication between prison and home, family reunification support, and self-help support groups.


Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women

Telephone: 502-241-8454
Address: 3000 Ash Avenue
Pewee Valley, KY 40056
Web site:
Contact: Troy Pollock, Deputy Warden, Programs
Doris Deuth, Warden
Area Served: Kentucky
Parent  Organization: Department of Corrections

Provides parent education and special visiting activities for children.

Logan County Family Education Program

Telephone: 270-726-4909
Address: 201 W. 6th Street
Russellville, KY 42276
Contact: Marie Reeves, Family Education Coordinator
Cheryl Kelley, Program Manager
Area Served: Logan County
Parent Organization: Logan County Adult Education and Workforce Training
Established: 1997

Provides parent education, job preparation, group activities for children, mentoring, family reunification support, self-help support groups, information and referrals.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky

Telephone: 859-225-8879
Address: 489 East Main Street, 3rd Floor
Lexington, KY 40507
Web site:
Contact: Trey Berlin, Prevention Specialist-Family Based
Jill Seyfred, Executive Director
Area Served: Kentucky
Established: 1992

Provides a parent education and enhanced visiting program for incarcerated fathers. Fathers can read a storybook to their child while being tape recorded. The book and tape are then mailed to the child.

YMCA Safe Place Services

Telephone: 502-635-5233
Address: 2400 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, KY 40217
Web site:
Contact: Rebecca Hentz, Y-NOW Mentoring Services Director
Dennis Enix, Executive Director
Area Served: Louisville
Parent Organization: YMCA of Greater Louisville
Established: 1996

Provides free YMCA membership for children of prisoners. Provides a shelter with overnight housing, mentoring, support groups, field trips and other group activities, case management, counseling and family therapy. Provides training and technical assistance on program development.


Community Service Center, Inc.

Telephone: 504-897-6277
Address: 4000 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Contact: Avis Sherman, Program Manager
Octavia Edinburg. Executive Director
Area Served: Greater New Orleans
Established: 2003

Provides a mentoring program for the children of incarcerated and recently-released inmates. Provides a support group and support services for the caregivers. Provides referrals for counseling support and assistance with family reunification upon the return of the parent from incarceration.


Mid-Coast Hospitality House

Telephone: 207-594-1422
Address: 169 Old County Road
Rockport, ME 04856
Contact: Samantha Mank, Manager
Area Served: Maine
Established: 1989

Provides hospitality center, overnight lodging and transportation for prison visitors.


Alternative Directions, Inc.

Telephone: 410-889-5072
Address: 2505 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Contact: Michelle Kelly, Assistant Director/ Office Manager
Mary Joel Davis, Director
Area Served: Maryland
Established: 1979

Provides incarcerated parents with legal and social services: notarizes temporary guardianship forms for prisoners, assists with motions for court-ordered visitations, provides information about custody and paternity. Also assists women after release with employment, GED, parenting, home-purchasing, addiction counseling and treatment.

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

Telephone: 410-358-9711
Address: 4806 Seton Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215
Contact: Marina A. Gethers LCSW-C, Project Coordinator
Area Served: Baltimore Metropolitan Area
Established: 1992

Provides scouting activities for incarcerated mothers and their children. Provides family reunification support, support groups, mentoring to mothers and daughters by volunteers.

Living with Incarcerated Parents and Surviving (LIPS)

Telephone: 301-352-4145
Address: c/o Heaven on Earth Dance Min., P.O. Box 1050
Bowie, MD 20718-1040
Web site:
Contact: Minister Carol A. Overton, Director
Area Served: Maryland
Parent Organization: Heaven On Earth Dance Ministries

Provides children of prisoners with theatrical activities, counseling, mentoring and bible studies. Provides parents with parent education, pro bono paralegal assistance, bible studies, mentoring and referrals. Families are offered church fellowship.

Long Distance Dads

Telephone: 301-948-0599
Address: 101 Lakeforest Blvd., Suite 360
Gaithersburg, MD 20877-2629
Web site:
Contact: Marcos Torres, Executive Director of Incarcerated Programming
Roland Warren, President
Area Served: USA and International
Established: 1994
Publications: Curricula on responsible fatherhood, interactive CD Roms and numerous other related books and resources. Order from our on-line book store.

Provides training and technical assistance on parent education for incarcerated fathers. The Long Distance Dads curriculum is used in over 145 correctional facilities in 24 states of the USA as well as in Canada, Great Britain and Africa. Provides extensive fatherhood resources and publications.

Maryland Justice Coalition

Telephone: 410-366-0600
Address: 2521 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Web site:
Contact: Kimberly Haven, Campaign Coordinator
Tara Andrews, Executive Director
Area Served: Maryland
Established: 2002

Provides information and referrals. Advocates criminal justice reform in Maryland.

National Trust for the Development of African-American Men

Telephone: 301-887-0100
Address: 6811 Kenilworth Ave.
Riverdale, MD 20737
Web site:
Contact: Garry A. Mendez Jr., Executive Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 1989

Provides training and technical assistance on value-based leadership training and community development for incarcerated men. The program emphasizes family responsibility and includes re-entry support and self-help support groups.

Power Inside

Telephone: 410-262-8484
Address: P.O. Box 4796
Baltimore, MD 21211
Web site:
Contact: Jacqueline Robarge, Director
Area Served: Baltimore
Parent Organization: Fusions Partnerships Inc.
Established: 2001

Provides pre-release and post-release case management, literacy tutoring, legal assistance, support groups, advocacy and public education for women and girls impacted by incarceration, prostitution and street life.


Project SIT (Staying In Touch)
Telephone: 410-334-3102

132 E. Main Street, Suite 100

Salisbury, MD 21801
Dr. Margaret Matlack, Project Director
Area Served: Wicomico County
Established: 2002

Serves children of prisoners (11 to 15 years) and their caregivers. Provides case management, counseling referrals, family reunification support, re-entry support, employment assistance, advocacy, information and referrals. Tutoring, transportation assistance, prison visits, family outings, caregiver support groups, parenting classes to inmates/caregivers are also offered.

U.S. Dream Academy

Telephone: 410-772-7143
Address: 10400 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 300
Columbia, MD 21044
Web site:
Contact: Jesse Fairchild-Ransom, Executive Assistant to the Vice President and COO
Diane Wallace Booker, Executive Vice President and COO
Area Served: USA
Established: 1998

Provides children in grades 3 through 6 daily after-school programming that includes on-line academic enrichment, healthy lifestyles instruction, homework assistance, values training and mentoring. Provides video-visiting to support communication between prison and home. Programs currently in Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Jamaica, Queens, NY; Houston, TX; and Atlanta, GA.

Urban Leadership Institute

Telephone: 410-339-4630
Address: 28 Allegheny Ave., Suite 503
Baltimore, MD 21204
Web site:
Contact: David Miller, Chief Visionary Officer
Area Served: USA
Established: 1997
Publications: Dare To Be King: What If the Prince Lives - a Survival Workbook for African American Males; Dare To Be King: What Happens When Daddy Comes Home (curriculum for fathers who return home from prison).

Provides training and technical assistance on mentoring children of prisoners, with emphasis on working with African American males.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saginaw Bay Area Amachi Program

Telephone: 989-755-6558
Address: 1910 Fordney Street
Saginaw, MI 48601
Contact: Lillie Williams, Executive Director
Area Served: Saginaw and Bay Counties
Established: 2003

Provides one-to-one mentors to children (ages 5-18) with parents who are incarcerated or recently released. Mentors are volunteers from faith-based communities.


Council on Crime and Justice

Telephone: 612-340-5432
Address: 822 S. 3rd Street, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Web site:
Contact: Eric McCoy, Case Advocate
Thomas Johnson, President
Area Served: Minneapolis and St. Paul
Established: 2000
Publications: See

Provides parent education to inmates at three Minnesota correctional facilities and a pre-release Family Reunification Group for eligible fathers. Also provides post-release transitional support.

Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.

Telephone: 218-773-8452
Address: 1825 Central Ave. NW
East Grand Forks, MN 56721
Contact: Norma Campos or Laura Foss, Family Service Worker
Dennis DeMers, Executive Director
Area Served: Polk, Norman and Red Lake Counties
Established: 2004

Provides support groups, parent education, case management, family literacy activities, family reunification support, legal assistance, re-entry support, information and referrals.


Children's Connection

Telephone: 816-358-9036
Address: 7620 E. 79th Street
Kansas City, MO 64138
Contact: Sarah Acsenvil, Program Director
Area Served: Jackson County
Parent Organization: St. James United Methodist Church
Established: 1999

Provides an after-school and mentoring program for elementary age children who have an incarcerated parent. The curriculum includes small group therapy, tutoring, drug and alcohol awareness, career units, team building and recreation. Children, who so desire, are supported in maintaining contact with their incarcerated parent.

F.L.A.W.S, Inc. (Friends & Loved Ones Against Warped Systems)

Telephone: 314-422-0738
Address: P.O. Box 3991
St. Louis, MO 63136
Contact: Daphne Swinson, President
Area Served: Missouri
Established: 2001

Provides information and referrals, support groups, workshops, family activities and visiting transportation assistance.

Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis

Telephone: 314-890-9569
Address: 2130 Kratky Road
St. Louis, MO 63114
Contact: Janis Scheer, Program Manager
Theresa Loveless, CEO
Area Served: Missouri
Parent Organization: Girl Scouts of the USA
Established: 1996

Provides scouting experience for girls whose mothers are incarcerated. Some of the scouting meetings are held in the correctional center with the mothers.

Manasseh Ministry

Telephone: 314-454-0277
Address: 1141 Belt
St. Louis, MO 63112
Contact: Richard Jackson, Servant
Area Served: St. Louis
Established: 1991

Provides school clothing, school supplies, transportation for prison visits, marriage enrichment classes, counseling, re-entry support, religious ministry, information and referrals.

Parents As Teachers Hannibal Public Schools

Telephone: 573-221-3054
Address: 4600 McMasters Avenue
Hannibal, MO 63401
Area Served: Missouri
Parent Organization: Parents As Teachers National Center
Established: 1999
Publications: Parents as Teachers Curriculum published by Parents As Teachers National Center, St. Louis, MO.

Provides parent education to incarcerated women. Provides counseling to prisoners who are pregnant or have children under age 5. Provides gifts for children.

PATCH of Chillicothe

Telephone: 660-646-6462
Address: P.O. Box 871
Chillicothe, MO 64601
Contact: Coleen Scott, PATCH Director
Area Served: Missouri
Established: 1984

Provides enhanced mother-child visits in a home-like setting, pre- and post-visit counseling, parent education, re-entry preparation, and support group. Provides information, referrals, gifts for children, mentoring, public education and advocacy, family therapy, family reunification support, and transportation for visits at Chillicothe Correctional Center.

Regeneration Courage 2 Change, Inc.

Telephone: 314-368-2426
Address: P.O. Box 300573
St. Louis, MO 63132
Contact: Rev. Wilma Warren, Founder/Director
Area Served: Midwest Missouri
Parent Organization: He Cares/He Hears/He Answers Prison Ministry
Established: 1998
Publications: God's Golden Moments Magazine for Prison Populations, subscription $3.00

Provides women offenders with re-entry support including employment support, parent education, drug treatment and counseling. Provides short-term housing and day care for children.


Cedars-Project SEEK

Telephone: 402-890-8296
Address: 770 North Cotner Blvd., Suite 410
Lincoln, NE 68505
Web site:
Contact: Amy Dawn Parker, Family Specialist
Sandra Miller, Service Area Director
Area Served: Southeast Nebraska
Parent Organization: Cedars Youth Services
Established: 2002
Provides a supportive outreach service for children (up to age 15) with an incarcerated parent and their caregivers. Services include group activities, mentoring, support groups, transportation for prison visits, advocacy, case management, counseling, family reunification support, information and referrals.

Girls and Boys Town

Telephone: 402-498-1074
Address: 14100 Crawford Drive
Boys Town, NE 68010
Contact: Linda Schuchmann, Manager Parenting Programs
Father Peter, Executive Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 1989
Publications: Common Sense Parenting from a Distance (materials, trainer's kit, parent’s book and workbook).

Provides training for parent educators so they can help parents and caregivers be effective teachers and role models even when parents have limited access to their children due to incarceration.

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women

Telephone: 402-362-3317
Address: 1107 Recharge Road
York, NE 68467
Contact: Mary Alley, Parenting Program Coordinator
John Dahm, Warden
Area Served: Nebraska
Established: 1974

Provides an overnight and day-visit program for the inmates' children, parent education and a nursery program where babies may stay up to 18 months in the facility. Provides a children's center in the visiting area, case management, support for communication between prison and home, family reunification and re-entry support, information and referrals.

S.K.I.P. Support for Kids of Incarcerated Parents Corporation

Telephone: 402-325-8515
Address: P.O. Box 30733
Lincoln, NE 68503
Web site:
Contact: Cindy Woldt, President
Area Served: Nebraska
Established: 1995

Provides a 4-day summer camp for children, plus activities throughout the year.

Visiting Nurse Association

Telephone: 800-456-8869
Address: 1941 S. 42nd Street, Suite 225
Omaha, NE 68105
Web site:
Contact: Betty Cernech, Vice President
James Summerfelt, CEO
Area Served: Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Established: 1997

Provides public health nursing services, parent education, information, referrals and case management for pregnant and parenting women and teens incarcerated in state and local correctional facilities. Also provides follow-up home visitation and advocacy after release.


Friends & Family of Prison Inmates

Telephone: 775-772-4641
Address: 510 Greenbrae Drive
Sparks, NV 89431
Contact: Elaine Voigt, Founder and Facilitator
Area Served: Northern Nevada
Parent Organization: My Journey Home Inc.
Established: 2001

Provides a support group for families; re-entry support, a support group for children with a parent in prison and a speaker’s bureau.

New Hampshire

Family Connections Center

Telephone: 603-528-9266
Address: 1 Right Way Path
Laconia, NH 03246
Web site:
Contact: Kristina Toth, Program Administrator
Area Served: New Hampshire
Parent Organization: New Hampshire Department of Corrections
Established: 1998

Provides private visits between children and their incarcerated parent. Visits are monitored by staff. Provides children with audio and videotapes of their incarcerated parent reading to them. Provides gifts for children and parent education classes for prisoners.

New Jersey

American Friends Service Committee Criminal Justice Program

Telephone: 973-643-3192
Address: 972 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Web site:
Contact: Bonnie Kerness, Coordinator Prison Watch
Phillip Sopencer-Linzie, Program Director
Area Served: New Jersey
Parent Organization: AFSC
Established: 1976
Publications: Survivor's Manual (for prisoners in isolation); Our Children's House (testimonies of youth held in detention facilities); Torture in US Prisons - Evidence of Human Rights Violations; The Prison Inside the Prison: Control Units, Supermax Prisons and Devices of Torture; numerous other editorials and commentaries.

Provides New Jersey ex-prisoners and their families with social service referrals, resume writing assistance, and employment referrals. Provides a mentorship curriculum-based program for 14-18 year-olds.

AtlantiCare Family Centers

Telephone: 609-345-1994
Address: 323 Madison Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: Rosalind Norrell-Nance, Director
Ted Stryker, President/CEO
Area Served: Atlantic County
Established: 2003

Provides counseling and support for children of prisoners and their caregivers. Social services include educational tutoring, recreation, economic assistance and advocacy. Provides counseling for prisoners in Atlantic County prior to coming home. Also provides employment assistance, parent education, family counseling, family reunification support and substance abuse prevention and recovery counseling.

Building Bridges

Telephone: 856-486-7252
Address: P.O. Box 214
Somerdale, NJ 08083
Web site:
Contact: Kaali Cohen, CEO
Area Served: South Jersey
Parent Organization: Generations Inc
Established: 2003

Provides one-to-one and site-based mentoring, transitional counseling and support groups and job-readiness training for youth.

Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council

Telephone: 908-725-1226
Address: 1171 Route 28
North Branch, NJ 08876
Web site:
Contact: Emily Vergara, Special Projects Manager
Marilyn Siegel, Chief Executive Officer
Area Served: Esses, Union and Mercer Counties
Parent Organization: Girl Scouts of the USA
Established: 1998

Provides scouting experience for girls whose mothers are incarcerated. Some of the scouting meetings are held in the correctional center with the mothers. The mothers also participate in parent education.

New Jersey Association on Correction

Telephone: 609-396-8900
Address: 986 S. Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08611
Web site:
Contact: Julie Hanley, Grants Manager
James A. Hemm, Executive Director
Area Served: Jersey City and Middlesex Counties
Established: 2001

Provides activities, support groups and counseling for children of prisoners. Provides caretaker support groups and facilitates child contact (including visitation) with incarcerated parent. Provides prisoner and family re-entry support, advocacy, information and referrals.

Telephone: 973-748-9000 ext. 107
Address: Bloomfield College
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Web site:
Contact: Jeff Mellow, Director
Area Served: Newark
Parent Organization: Prisoners and their Families Project
Established: 1992

Provides a web site for people leaving prison, their families and interested professionals. Offers an extensive database of services and resources in the New Jersey area.

NJCRI (North Jersey Community Research Initiative)

Telephone: 973-483-3444
Address: 393 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103-2842
Web site:
Contact: Nelson Hernandez, Project Manager
Brian McGovern, Bill Orr
Area Served: Essex and Union Counties
Established: 1988

Provides HIV-infected prisoners and their families with social services, addiction services, case management, counseling, support for communication between prison and home, re-entry support, information and referrals.

Parents Anonymous of NJ, Inc.

Telephone: 609-585-7666
Address: 127 Rt. 206 South, Suite 10
Hamilton, NJ 08610
Web site:
Contact: Laurie, Volunteer Coordinator
Kathleen Roe, Executive Director
Area Served: New Jersey
Parent Organization: Parents Anonymous Inc.
Established: 1996

Provides parent education and support groups for parents of prisoners in New Jersey. Groups are held inside prison, in halfway houses and in the community.

New Mexico

PB&J Family Services, Inc.

Telephone: 505-877-7060
Address: 1101 Lopez Road SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105
E-mail: PBandJ@NM.Net
Contact: Janet Winchester Silbaugh
Director ImPACT and KidPACT Programs
Angie Vachio, Executive Director
Area Served: Central New Mexico
Established: 1988
Publications: Children of Inmates: Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Crime - findings of research including interviews and surveys of caretakers and prisoners. Order from Janet Winchester Silbaugh at PB&J Family Services.

Provides parent education and family reunification support. Provides support groups for children, therapeutic supervised visits, case management, counseling, family therapy and re-entry support.

Prison Family Services

Telephone: 505-527-4046
Address: P.O. Box 639
Las Cruces, NM 88004-0639
Contact: Olga Granado, VHH Coordinator
Charles C. Brewster, Managing Director
Area Served: Southwest USA
Established: 1990

Provides a hospitality center for prison visitors. Services include refreshments, clothing to help meet the facility’s dress code, information on facility policies, and childcare during visits. Provides information and referrals to community services.

Wings Ministry

Telephone: 505-291-6412
Address: 2226 B Wyoming NE, Suite 130
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Web site:
Contact: Ann Edenfield, Executive Director/Founder
Area Served: USA
Established: 1995
Publications: Family Arrested: How to Survive The Incarceration of a Loved One

Provides mentoring and social support for children of prisoners and their families and connects the families of inmates with a church family in their neighborhood. Provides support groups, social gatherings, group activities, family reunification support, parent education, re-entry support and religious ministry. Provides transportation for prison visits and enhances prison visits by through structured social gatherings. Provides training and technical assistance on program development.