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Canadian-outsiders Canadian men and women who have a loved one in jail/prison meet here to support one another and share helpful information.

Death Row Family Support Group: emotional support and inmate pen pal program. Send e-mail to sshafer@InfoAve.Net.

DearestMom On-line Support Group: For mom's who have a grown child in the prison system.

Families of Incarcerated Individuals Inc. located in Memphis Tennessee. We also have an after school program for children who have a parent or immediate family member incarcerated. Our email address is , Fax: 901-358-6840, office number: 901-354-0666.

Family, Friends, & Penpals of People in Prison - friendship and support for those with loved ones in prison

Forum for Adult Children of Inmates where adult children with an incarcerated parent can share experiences, feelings and resources. Especially for those whose parent was an inmate through most of their childhood.

Lost Angels for parents (or grandparents) who have raised a child now incarcerated.

Prison Bid - for families and loved one of inmates

Prison On-line

Prison Talk Online a means of communication for everyone with an interest in the prisoner support system.

PrisonersToFriends On-line Support Group: For anyone who would like to write an inmate. Family and Friends Posting Photos for Pen Pal writing.

Second Chance a Canadian support group for prisoners and their loved ones. a support e-group for those who have a loved one in prison, death row or who have lost a loved one in prison.


Know of other chat groups or e-mail lists for families of offenders? Let us hear from you