S.K.I.P., INC.

(Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents)

Community Resource Services

A Non Profit Corporation

669 Bush Drive

Hope Hull, AL 36043

(334) 284-8103


SAVE KIDS OF INCARCERATED PARENTS, INC. is a network of services for children (1 month to 18 years of age) of incarcerated parents that include:

  • Character and Career Development
  • "Kids Helping Kids" Peer Mentoring Program
  • SKIP Volunteers
  • Counseling Services

    "A Commitment to Our Future"

  • Present Program Activities

    Educational and Enrichment Program

    The purpose of this program is to teach students basic knowledge – verbal and written, problem solving skills, creative arts, and family life skills. The skills are taught through "Educational Learning Games", "Play Therapy Activities" and "Hands on Activities". The family life skills are taught through teaching real life day- to- day experiences to students, such as; cooking, washing clothes, ironing, grocery shopping, paying bills, and etc.

    Library reference skills are taught at the Main Branch Public Library. For example, listening and following directions, both written and verbal, reading maps, newspapers, magazines, recipes, T.V. guides, and books. Specific books were selected for children of incarcerated parents with similar problems.

    Proper letter writing skills, including hand writing and creative writing are to stimulate an interest for children to their inmate parent(s).

    Health and safety education are taught for the purpose of providing an understanding of growth, development, health prevention, and proper hygiene care.

    Enrichment activities are taught by going on cultural and fun field trip outings. Speech and drama, arts and crafts are taught as a way for the child to express his or her feelings and to bring out the individual talent(s).

    Character and Career Development

    Character development skills are taught to build self esteem, values, appropriate manners, and proper etiquette.

    Career development is taught for the purpose of allowing the student to make future choices upon furthering his or her education. On the job training skills such as filling out job applications, and work ethics are taught for the purpose of assuring students future opportunities in the work place. And to be able to earn money while furthering their education.

    "Kids Helping Kids" Peer Mentors

    Trained high school peer supports are taught to work with children of incarcerated parents as mentors. Children of inmates will feel less conspicuous, and self-conscious, knowing that they have peer support.


    If would be helpful if children of incarcerated parents receive counseling in order to best deal with the separation of their parent(s). School children can be referred to the school counselor who schedules individual students on a day to day basis. "SKIPPER’S" Group Support and Parent/Guardian Counseling sessions are scheduled once a month.

    Family Resource Services Assistance

    This organization serves as a networking referral agency by providing information for public assistance to children and their families of inmates

    At the present time, the services and meeting times are from 2:30 – 4:30 P.M. The Enrichment Program is held on the second Saturdays at Metropolitan United Methodist Church in the Fellowship Hall, 3108 Rosa Parks, Montgomery, AL. Rev. Lowell Hale, Pastor.

    The Educational and Counseling Program is held of the third Saturdays on the second floor in the auditorium at the Montgomery Public Main Branch Library, 245 High Street, Montgomery, AL.

    Board of Directors and Volunteers meetings are held on the second Sundays from 3:30 – 5:00 P.M. at the Metropolitan United Methodist Church in the Fellowship Hall.

    For further information, contact: Gloria Jean Canty, President (334) 284-8103 or write to
    S.K.I.P., Inc. (Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents) 669 Bush Drive, Hope Hull, AL 36043
    E- Mail: skipinc@mindspring.com

    S.K.I.P., Inc. Community Resource Services is a Non Profit Corporation.
    Donations are tax deductible.

    G. Jean Canty - President and Founder *** Alice Cole - Vice President

    Mattie L. Baker - Secretary *** Irma Cole - Treasurer

    Mary McDonald - Financial Secretary



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